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Ketchup, Pickle and other Condiments

We provide stick sachet packaging for various sauces including ketchup, tomato paste, mustard, honey sauce, hot sauce and soy sauce. We are also in a position to provide flexible packaging for sauce refill packs as well as pickles.

Our packaging helps preserve the taste and texture of the sauce throughout the intended shelf life by imparting good oxygen barrier and good seal integrity. In doing so, we ensure that the product inside is just as fresh and tasty as it was when it was packed. Our high performance foil-based laminates prevent any kind of delamination on account of the aggressive preservatives in the ketchup/pickle/tomato paste, which would otherwise migrate through the laminate.

Our wrappers run smoothly at fast speed on multi-track packing lines without any leakers. Our laminates also allow for hot-fill without compromising on COF or bond strength. Keeping the customer in mind, we provide sachets with easy tear and good optical properties to enhance the user experience