modern packaging company was founded in 1987

Over the years, we have grown to become an experienced and reputable company in the Indian flexible packaging industry.

We produce flexible packaging for various product applications and supply them to market leaders in India and abroad.

We are a family owned and managed company. The main advantages of which are quick decision making, flat hierarchy and open channels of communication. Moreover, our history as a conservative, entrepreneurial company has endowed us with the flexibility to invest in new technology to serve our customer’s needs over the long term.

Our head office is in the bustling metropolis of Mumbai in India whereas our factory is in Killa Pardi, Gujarat, merely 200 km away from Mumbai.

We are truly passionate about packaging and driven by the need to continuously innovate to enhance the shelf life and aesthetics of the product and user convenience.


Rapid turn around time

Our proactive approach allows us to provide our customers with rapid turnaround time.



Our lean overheads and our continuous endeavor to create value for our customers through product re-engineering makes us competitive.



Our enduring commitment to each and every one of our customers makes us dependable – especially for our customers who are located thousands of miles away.


100% Customer Satisfaction

Our team of technicians and professionals are committed to achieving 100% customer satisfaction.